How We Deliver

Our core purpose is to help our clients use IT to their advantage and contribute to their growth.

The most successful businesses are highly efficient with little service interruptions. Therefore, our aim is to deliver a proactive service where possible, whether that be new solutions and methodologies or keeping system downtime to a minimum. Your success is what drives us as a business and thus our service plans are geared towards maintaining optimum performance of your IT set up.

As part of our proactive ethos all our service delivery plans include the following:

Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM and NOC Software

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) and NOC (Network Operations Software) are crucial to providing a proactive service. They essentially allows us to monitor the performance and vulnerability of your systems without disturbing your working space. Additionally, rather than paying for an individual to sit at your premises watching over your systems we can remotely monitor and solve issues as well as provide you with in-depth performance analysis. All at the fraction of the cost of an on premise team.

As part of our remote monitoring and management we provide, without charge, hardware on site to store all software needed to monitor and maintain your systems.

Reasons for this:

  • Does not affect the performance of your internal systems.
  • Does not take away your hardware storage space.

What are the Benefits?

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Proactive system resolutions to keep your downtime to a minimum including resolutions before any interruptions occur
  • Potential longer term efficiency benefits and threats identified and included in strategic planning/review meetings to future proof infrastructure
  • Hardware and software performance monitoring
  • Far more cost effective than an on premise resource
  • Does not take up desk space!
  • Does not take holiday!

Purposeful Communication

All our client relationships are underpinned by excellent communication.

When entering partnership with us you will have access to;

The Service Desk

  • Ask any self-service questions
  • Raise tickets
  • Manage change requests
  • Receive timely updates on current projects/resolutions
  • Access and guidance to help documentation and training guides
  • Access to an ever growing resource pool

Service Delivery Manager

Your Service Delivery Manager is tasked with ensuring the smooth day to day running of your service, act as your primary point of contact, meet with you periodically to discuss on-going requirements and IT strategy, provide your monthly service performance reports and assist with all things IT when you need them.

Client Account Manager

Your Account Manager is your point of contact regarding your contract with us. They will be on hand to help costing new projects or services, altering your service plan where necessary and most importantly, ensuring that your service satisfaction is as we would expect.

Our Service Delivery Plans

Support Service Plan

Our Support Delivery plan is designed to support your existing IT management or strategists with a flexible, dependable and cost effective front line IT resource.

The Support Plan is designed so that IT management can concentrate on projects and strategy without either having the distraction of partaking in every day IT support or adding the costs to the business associated with the deployment of an internal department.

Full monitoring on internal systems and networks can be provided as part the Support Plan so that you have all the necessary performance analytics to make informed decisions.


  • Far more cost effective than an internal IT team (salaries, recruitment costs, staff costs – training, holiday cover – etc.)
  • IT resource when you need it
  • Access to a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge without training fees or external consulting
  • Allows management the breathing space to make strategic IT decisions
  • Rapid scalability for new projects
  • Desk space saving
  • Initial Service Audit
  • Introductory Service Pack with Overview Documents
  • Allocated Service Delivery Manager
  • Allocated Contract Manager
  • Monthly Standard Service Reporting
  • Quarterly Service Review
  • Advanced reporting for iTech service catalogue products

Managed Service Plan

With the Managed Service Plan part or all of your IT needs are covered in addition to our strategic management in which we always look to align IT strategy and technology to the strategic goal of the business.

The Managed Service Plan is ideal for those that have reached a certain size or expand the benefits of their IT and do not have an IT provision in place. Equally, you may be looking to outsource your existing department to gain the benefits associated with using a Managed Service Provider.

Your service delivery manager will present to you a full monthly service overview of your estate in addition to arranging strategic management reviews to ensure your IT is supporting the needs of the business in the best way possible.


  • Far more cost effective than an internal IT team (salaries, recruitment costs, staff costs – training, holiday cover – etc.)
  • Save on desk space
  • Access to a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge without training fees or external consulting
  • Rapid scalability for new projects
  • Management of solutions and their subscriptions
  • Alignment of the best solution to match business goals
  • On-going market research of the best technology to fit the business
  • Initial Service Review
  • Introductory Service Pack with Overview Document
  • Initial service recommendation document and implementation timeline
  • Allocated Service Delivery Manager and commercial manager
  • Monthly Service Reporting
  • Quarterly Service Review
  • Management of product licencing, on- going IT strategy, project planning and IT project management
  • Quarterly Management review
  • Annual Business Review

Managed Service Plus

Similar to the Managed Service Plan, the Managed Service Plus caters for scenarios where a permanent dedicated onsite resource is necessary due to either the size of the organisation or specific elements of the set up that need an onsite presence.

The Managed Service Plus has all the same factors as the Managed Service Plan but with the addition of dedicated onsite member(s) that work as a fluid part of your business.


  • Same benefits of the Managed Service Plan
  • Definitive on-site cost per month
  • Face to face communication resource
  • Same elements as the Managed Service Plan
  • Dedicated support from on-site presence

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