Case Study: Fine Group

Services: Managed Service Plan
Industry: Manufacturing

Fine Group is a full-service provider of textile design, development and manufacturing solutions to cover, carry and protect equipment unique to customer requirements. They are a leader in the manufacture and supply of textile engineering solutions for the medical, military, PPE (health and safety) and industrial industries throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

iTech have worked alongside Fine Group for 8 years having begun a managed service partnership with them in 2009. Throughout those years, we have successfully supported and introduced solutions to Fine Group to enhance their operational performance, bringing significant cost savings as well as securing the business against risk regarding data integrity and compliance.

As a key member of the Fine Group strategic direction and decision making process I regularly use iTech’s expertise to ensure that Fine Group identifies and uses the best technology solutions and processes available to achieve optimum results.

Andrew Fine - Chairman Fine Group

Initially, we identified several potential risk factors in Fine that needed to be addressed. The use of a USB drive to store all business-critical data and the lack of network and infrastructure security greatly concerned us and we proactively set about a resolution.The drive was replaced with a dedicated file server and Checkpoint Security implemented to provide a firewall and further protection to the network and infrastructure. Crucially, a formal security policy was introduced to protect the business and its staff; focusing on administration rights, best practise for end users (password rules etc.) and access lock downs based on user credentials.

Since partnering with Fine Group we have proactively identified and introduced several solutions to save working time and monetary costs to the Fine Group business. Whilst the server infrastructure worked in the way it was intended, it had fallen behind industry developments and left an opportunity for cost savings and more efficient working practises in the long run. We designed a virtualised solution to build on the current server estate and migrated to Microsoft Exchange from Lotus Notes all undertaken to bring Fine Group up to date. This enabled them to reduce their hardware and alleviate the impact of updates and configuration changes thus saving on maintenance, downtime and costs of replacement hardware.

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